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Iman TV24/7 TV Broadcasting Network

About Us

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    • California, USA
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    Iman TV (24/7 Satellite Broadcasting Network) is a US based Satellite Television Channel that is broadcasting nationwide in the United States and Canada. It available internationally via our live stream broadcast, Jadoo TV, GlWIZ/GlBox.


       Overview and Mission:

    Iman TV is a Northern California based satellite television that is broadcasting around the world. Formerly known as Arman TV, Iman satellite community based television has been established on April 2011 and officially started broadcasting its programs on June 2011 serving mainly Afghan community and other minorities in U.S and Canada with English, Dari and Pashtu languages dialogues.

    Iman TV represents our people views and believes and its mission is to promote and preserve our true rich cultural and traditional values , religion ,arts, by reflecting , bring awareness and to educates our community to achieve success , unity and building a bridge between old and new generation based on mutual understanding trust and respect for the brighter future.

    We specifically want to highlight the involvement of men and women in all spheres of political, economic and social life. Our coverage will allow us to bring about positive social change through dialogue, debate, and education. Also to enable our upcoming generation to serve, participate with their direct involvement residing countries social and economic system by representing a positive and constructive role.
    Iman TV does not belong to any particular political, tribal,regional group or party. It serves the entire people without any kind of racial, color and discrimination . Its main source of support is only within communities by individual contribution , membership dues and promoting local and abroad business by running their Tv commercial and informacial advertisement and interactions. justice.

Board of Directors

  • Dr. Arshad Ershad

    President & Director of Operations

  • Habib Mohammadi

    Director of Marketing Support

  • Tarin Bayan

    Director of Technical Operations

  • Dr. Abdul Sattar Sirat

    Chair Advisor